Happy Earth Day!

What CAN you do today?  You CAN celebrate Earth Day!  How long has it been since you planted something starting from seeds?  Perhaps it is time to go for it.  Whether you have a kitchen window sill or a sunny patio spot, you CAN plant something and watch it grow.  Doing so is a wonderful reminder of how connected we are to the earth.  We all depend on clean water and sunshine, as well as rest.

Turn towards the sun and celebrate the earth!

For today, go about choosing how you CAN respond and celebrate this magnificent earth!

Making a Wave

How many choices do we make every day?  As we make decisions to say things and to do things, the most critical choice we make is the emotion behind that action.  Do we choose fear, anger, hate, or do we choose love and compassion?  Each seemingly small decision creates a ripple effect.  When fear is dominating our actions, we are putting more fear into the world.  When love is the place from which we act, we are setting off a chain reaction that allows love to spread beyond that single decision.

What can you choose to do today, that demonstrates compassion and puts into motion what your best self wants to see in the world?  Perhaps it is simply caring for yourself in taking a few moments to step outside and let sunshine land on your face.  Maybe it is a phone call to say hello to someone in a long term care facility where visitors are now forbidden.  How about reaching out to an old friend who you have been too busy to take time to see?  Imagine the ripple effect of your laughter as you share old stories!

While we may feel that all decisions are being made for us and we are to simply comply, that is not the case.  We can choose the emotion behind our responses, and we can choose how we spend our moments within the time and space we are given.  Just as I did not choose to be the daughter of one with Alzheimer’s I was able to choose to respond by photographing a flower a day.  I can, and do, pause for beauty every day, and so can you.

With each passing day, I am witnessing creative responses to our current times, and seeing people harness the power of their talents to bring joy and light into our world.  We can watch live concerts online, we can see images of new works of art, we can watch videos of people saying things that encourage positive thoughts and actions.  Let’s choose to spend our moments watching and doing things that our best selves want to see in the world.  Together, our small actions make a giant wave.  Here’s to that wave being powerful and beautiful!

Inspiration from “Flowers for Mom”

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A Circle of Life

A mother, a bridge, a lion, a garden, and another mother – unrelated things, right?  Since I posed the question, you must now be curious and thinking they must somehow be related.  This circle of life begins with my mother, the one whose Alzheimer’s journey led me to photographing a flower a day for almost 1,300 days now.

Flowers for Mom in Provence

It was those very flowers that took me to France as an artist in residence for a photography festival.  The founder of that festival asked me to assist in creating Photographic Nights of Selma in Alabama.  Beginning in April, this festival is uniting dreamers of today who are building bonds through art, to walk hand in hand for common good.  Have you ever pondered the power of putting your dreams into action?

The Eye of a Lion

I crossed bridges and oceans to see the eyes of a lion in Africa that continue to speak to me today.  While far away from my homeland, the animals and people there are a part of the same planet I inhabit.  On that continent I marveled at the beauty of the earth, and also witnessed how the most dangerous animal of all, humans, are hurting our planet.  We can do more than dream about a healthier planet, by beginning with one step today.  Let’s not wait for tomorrow.

Shared Humanity

At Jasmine Hill, a garden in Wetumpka, Alabama this circle of life powerfully connects.  In this beautiful community space long loved by my mother, I am joining hands with other change agents to allow art and nature to intersect for conversations about our planet during the Naturally Artful Festival on March 6th and 7th.  When we come together in community with art as the catalyst, we can better understand each other, and thereby better care for each other and the world we share.  Mark your calendar to join us.

Jasmine Hill Gardens

This circle ends much like the way it began – with a mother.  I am that mother seeing that every point is interconnected and touches the lives of my own children.  The choices we make every day impact the world in ways beyond our comprehension.  When we pause and deeply consider our actions, we begin to grasp how much they impact those around us.  We then see how our circle ripples out to affect a larger world that requires our attention, and our compassion. 

Mother and Child

Just as my choices matter, your choices matter.  Our world needs us to focus on a future where we celebrate beauty, and that which is good and just.  We must care for every single living thing as if our life depended on it, because it does.  Today you can do something as you find your wonderfully unique way to make a difference.

Sunrise over Africa

As I find my own way, it is an honor and a pleasure to have people join me on this Camera Journey.

Elmore DeMott on her Camera Journey

I continue to enjoy opportunities to speak and share, and send greetings to new friends I met on this journey in Georgia and North Carolina.  I look forward to presenting for the Tuesdays with the Kelly brown bag lunch event this week in Wetumpka, Alabama.  Come if you can!

Shared Humanity

On receiving the gift of a +Factor Award in New York this summer from ETHEL, an incredible string quartet, I remarked that art invites us to dig deeply into our souls.  Art allows us to acknowledge our sorrows and our joys, and to be fully human.

Flowers for Mom en Provence by Elmore DeMott

As an artist in residence in both France and Italy this summer, I witnessed that no matter the language, we can understand each other through art.   When living with a wonderful lady, whose English was as good as my practically nonexistent French, it was incredible to realize that we understood each other without the need for many words.  My “French Mom” fed and housed me, and drove me for many miles to beautiful places in the Provence region seeking flowers to photograph.  Later in the summer, I returned for the Pierrevert Photography Festival and shared the “Flowers for Mom en Provence” created earlier in the summer.  During my first ever presentation translated into another language, my French Mom had tears running down her cheek as she experienced and understood my art.  It was incredible to witness the power of art reminding us of our shared humanity across generations and oceans.  To those who made it possible for me to be an artist in residence I give my most sincere thanks and to anyone who has ever made it possible for other artists to be in a place to create and share their work, I thank you for allowing for exploration, for expression, for sharing, and for lives being touched in ways beyond anything you ever imagined.  It was tremendous for me to see large pieces featuring my photographs gently swaying the the breeze touched by sun being shared in a community garden.  A perfect place for “Flowers for Mom!”

Elmore DeMott, artist in residence Pierrevert Photography Festival
Elmore DeMott, artist in residence in Pierrevert, France
Exhibit of “Flowers for Mom” in the community garden

Italy was also on my schedule as I crossed even more borders for a work of dance, “At the End of the Road,” choreographed by Thomas Johansen of Norway, danced by students of the Royal Danish Ballet, with music by Kim Helweg of Norway, and a backdrop of my photographs of pine trees in Alabama.  This collaborative work was part of an evening of the DAP Dance Festival in Pietrasanta, Italy focused on saying no to violence against women.  Once again, no words were required as art was the medium through which we understood each other.

It is easy for us to lose our way and focus on the bad, the sad and the difficult.  For our world to be the peaceful, joyful place we all imagine, we must take positive steps to make it so.  I chose connecting with nature when in a place of sadness.  Through observing flowers and learning from them, I now am beginning my fourth year of photographing a flower a day honoring my mother’s Alzheimer’s journey and I find myself enriched because of deliberately pausing for beauty and celebrating nature.  If you are in or near north Alabama from now through October 12th, go visit the Carnegie Visual Arts Center where opening tonight is the largest ever exhibit of “Flowers for Mom.”  On September 20th I am joining Hudson Alpha scientist, Nick Cochran, for the Lunch and Learn event at the Carnegie Visual Arts Center where we will share about research and personal journeys tied to Alzheimer’s.  Memphis has called me to speak next week, and the trip there lets me add both Mississippi and Arkansas to my list that now includes flowers from 15 countries and 21 states, plus Washington D.C.

Find opportunities to experience or create art as a means to bring us to a deeper understanding of our shared humanity.  Aim to be enlightened and empowered to improve our world.  Be the peace you want to see in the world.

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